C o n t a c t
P e r s o n n e l
T h e   M u s i c
P h o t o s
L i n k s


This new quartet was created from a personal sound search and through compositions that are directed toward the sounds of new groups; which are multidimensional and that mix harmonically Tango, Jazz, Classical and elements of Latin American rhythms. 

Our repertoire also uses themes from great Argentinean composers like Astor Piazzolla among others. The musical arrangements were inspired by my desire to explore new sounds, and to incorporate the musical influences of each member of the group; thus creating a new and original experience, that we would like to share with you. 

Of course this musical innovation would not exist without the precious collaboration and volition of these marvelous musicians that accompany me. 

So come aboard and take part in our musical voyage…